Friday, March 23, 2007

A Decision Has Been Made

Well, after going back and forth so many times that my head is still spinning, I decided to take all of the unused yarn back to WalMart. I liked the colors in the pictures as viewed via my computer, but in real life they just didn't vibe right. Plus, it didn't help that the colors changed with different lighting. See...I'm still trying to justify my decision. I'll blame it on the cold I woke up with yesterday. I just don't feel right working on a gift for someone I care about where half the time I'm fighting off the urge to puke because of the color choice. No big deal, at least now I have another excuse to buy yarn, this time at Michael's, maybe I'll have better luck! Now, I'm off to convalesce...well as much as Geof will allow me to anyway.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Help. Please. I'm begging you. Put me out of my misery.

So, I went back to WalMart last week and bought the yarn for yet another baby blanket, this time for a girl. I think my predicament was mentioned here. I stood there in WalMart, staring at the yarn, begging it to tell me it wanted to come home with me. Nothing. I toyed with the idea of a different color scheme, still nothing. I like what I see in my head, I really do. I just can't find the same thing in physical form. I even hassled another customer for her opinion on the yarn I finally picked out. I showed her two different color combinations, one with a lighter green, the other with a darker green. She went with the lighter one because she said that she has carpet in her house the same color as the darker green and hates it. I went with her suggestion because at this point there was smoke billowing from my ears and my brain was utter mush.

I got the yarn home and started working away and I think I don't like it. I say that I think I don't like it because I go from kinda liking it, to liking it, to hating it completely and back again. So, you see, I need your help before I get any further along in the making.

Here are some pictures I managed to take this afternoon. The lighting is not cooperating today and so the colors are slightly off, but you'll still get the idea of how they work together. Ok, I need HONEST opinions here. Don't worry, you can't hurt my feelings at this point, I promise.

This is the yarn I picked out along with the progress so far...

Here is a close-up of the color working together...or not?

And finally, this is the offending color to me. I'm pleased with the cream and least I think I am at this point. Also, I think this next picture best represents the actual shades of the colors.

So, do the colors work together? Do the colors put together seem cold? Would you wrap your baby up in something like this?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Meet Ophelia

2 years! has it really been that long ago?...I was RAOKed with a head. A styrofoam head for modeling hats or wigs or what-have-you. This was back in the day when I didn't have a digital camera to instantly capture and document my life in pictures. I think I mentioned then that Nathaniel took it upon himself to decorate my foam head....her name is now Ophelia...and I promised to post some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Never one to to break a promise, I've included her pictures from a recent photo shoot. She's been a welcomed addition to the family; well loved and received by everyone. If you look closely at the picture to the right you'll see some of her battle scars. She and the cat don't get along so well for what ever reason, you may notice that the top of her head has been used to sharpen claws. Geof gave her a nose job, too. Apparently he wanted to know what a styrofoam nose tasted like. Must not have been very good because he hasn't sampled any more of her. Nathaniel is responsible for the make up. I think he did a great job with it...which is only slightly disturbing! And so, that is Ophelia...just thought you might like to meet her.

Ok, I haven't lost my mind...completely. I guess I'm just in a silly mood. I still haven't gotten any yarn for my next baby blanket and the apron for Geof still isn't made. What have I been doing, you ask? My weekends are now consumed with helping Nathaniel restore a 1976 Chevrolet Cheyenne pick up. That counts as crafty, right? It should. This was bought brand new by my Mom's brother, he sold it to her, my Dad gave it to me to tear around in the fields when I was like 13, and now Nathaniel is the proud owner. Ahh, the circle of vehicular life! So, if you're keeping score this P.O.S. makes two, yes, TWO vehicles from 1976 that we own. How special. The pick up is being restored to be used as a farm vehicle, and it's turned out to be a great learning tool for me. I've always wanted to understand a little more about what makes a vehicle run, now that I have a great teacher and "project" I'm doing just that! Another plus is going into an auto parts place and somewhat knowing my shit and watching the men in there melt into babbling puddles. I am woman here me ROAR!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

And Then There Was A GIRL!!

After making several baby blankets for tiny bundles of baby BOY joy, I am faced with the task of making one for a little girl. I spoke too soon when I said that there weren't any more unborn or recently born babies for whom to make afghans. I received a nice birthday call from a long-time friend of mine today. The last time we spoke was on this day last year when she called with a birthday wish. She said then that she and her husband were trying to have a child but nothing was happening. She drifted in and out of my thoughts throughout the year then a few weeks ago she popped into my mind out of the blue and I just knew that she had become a mother. Sure enough, I found out today that her little girl is 3 weeks old! I'm either psychic or psycho...or both! Ha!

So now my dilemma: I'm so used to working with boyish colors that I can't for the life of me decide on nice colors for a girlish afghan. I stood in WalMart...which does nothing for the creative juices anyway...for over an hour trying to find the perfect trio of colors. What did I buy? Nada! I'm not a huge lover of pink...which is odd since it's in the color scheme for this I know I won't be making an afghan entirely in pink. What are some other good choices/color suggestions? I was thinking of a Strawberry Shortcake-esque color scheme with cream, green, and not so pukey pink. I've decided that I'll use the same pattern as I did for the last blanket I made because it worked up fast and I was pleased with how it turned out. Any yarn suggestions out there, while I'm thinking about it? I was going to go for the Caron SS again, but the more feminine color choices made me want to barf. I could use a good shove to get me going here. What colors are popular for young girls now? What kinds of color trends are happening in nursery design today? Am I really that far removed from the whole baby scene to be completely out of the loop?! ACK!!!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

She Sews Too?!?!

I'm sure I've mentioned on here a few times that Nathaniel is the chef in this household. It tickles me to no end that he's taking Geof under his wing in the kitchen. Last week Nathaniel asked if I could make Geof a little apron for when they're working in the kitchen and of course I said yes. I went to WalMart the other day and picked out some fabric. The selection wasn't that great, but I think I picked out the makings for a really cute apron. Hopefully I'll get to work on it today after I get a few things done around the house. My parents kidnapped Geof for the week and I've been trying to get all the little things done that can pile up when you've got better things to do. At any rate here is the fabric I picked out. I'm going to make a reversible apron with pockets. The pepper side will have flame pockets and the flame side will have pepper pockets. The piece that goes around the neck, the ties that will be tied around the waist, and possibly the pockets will be outlined with the red. At least that's the plan so far in my head. Things may, and often do, change once work starts. I think it should be a fun and fairly simple project since I'm no sewing fairy.

Another Baby Blanket

This baby blanket was worked around the same time line as the previous one. I had to hold off finishing this one until the other was finished because I used the same blue yarn for both. This blanket is for yet another baby boy born late last year. I found a simple shell stitch pattern online as a guide and went from there. I really like the way it turned out except for the edging. I made that part up myself. It's one round of single crochet followed by a round of slip stitching. I should have switched to a larger hook for the slip stitching because it turned out a little too tight than I like, but it's live-withable. I really like how soft Caron SS is in the finished project, it shows stitch definition really well, it's very warm and surprisingly heavy, and it seems to hold up well in the wash. I'd use it again, I just wish there were more exciting color options.

The 411...
Finished dimensions: 35" x 30"
Materials used: Caron Simply Soft in Berry Blue, Limelight, and White. G hook [I love G hooks!!]

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