Friday, March 02, 2007

She Sews Too?!?!

I'm sure I've mentioned on here a few times that Nathaniel is the chef in this household. It tickles me to no end that he's taking Geof under his wing in the kitchen. Last week Nathaniel asked if I could make Geof a little apron for when they're working in the kitchen and of course I said yes. I went to WalMart the other day and picked out some fabric. The selection wasn't that great, but I think I picked out the makings for a really cute apron. Hopefully I'll get to work on it today after I get a few things done around the house. My parents kidnapped Geof for the week and I've been trying to get all the little things done that can pile up when you've got better things to do. At any rate here is the fabric I picked out. I'm going to make a reversible apron with pockets. The pepper side will have flame pockets and the flame side will have pepper pockets. The piece that goes around the neck, the ties that will be tied around the waist, and possibly the pockets will be outlined with the red. At least that's the plan so far in my head. Things may, and often do, change once work starts. I think it should be a fun and fairly simple project since I'm no sewing fairy.


Blogger Lucy said...

That's gonna be cute...I've made an apron for my fiance with that pepper material but I like the reverisble idea...make sure to show a pic of it.

3/02/2007 4:14 PM  

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