Saturday, May 28, 2005


...I figured out what was missing and it wasn't too painful!

Friday, May 27, 2005


Could someone please help me figure out what in the heck I did to screw up the template for this bolg? If you notice way down at the bottom of this page are all the cute little buttons that are supposed to be over there ----->
I'm too impatient to figure it out tonight.....any suggestions?


What a totally kick ass day!! Today Nathaniel will be coming home...maybe...that should be fun! Hey, it's been almost 3 weeks!! The sun is shining and it is a gorgeous day outside. My house is totally clean...seriously!! To top it all off, to my surprise, I received a RAOK package from a fellow Crochetvillager!! In it were 2 balls of crochet thread in a beautiful buttery yellow, a booklet for tablecloths and doilies....very beautiful stuff too! Last but not least was a huge cookbook from my fairy's church. This sucker is really big. I love this kind of cookbook...good homecookin' and it's from Alabama so you know it's good southern cooking!! Thank you so much sweet fairy!! I really needed some rays of sunshine!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Here Today Gone Tomorrow...and vice versa

Where have I been you ask? Here there and everywhere. I spent all last week with my parents...I'm glad to be back home and I think they are too! I finally finished my mom's Mother's Day doily. She liked and my Grandmother liked her's as well, so I'm happy. Here they are for your viewing pleasure....
Mom's doily --->
Grandma's doily--->
Mom's doily gave me hell and I gave it right back....I'm very relieved to be finished. I will say that I feel I have matured in my craft after completing these two projects. I enjoyed the challenge and my creative cursing. (Geof has been repeating more and more words that I wish he wouldn't so I've become very creative in my choice of expletives.)
Now I've moved on to dishcloths and scrubbies. They are for my bestest friend who's birthday is...let me check my calendar....HOLY SHIT!!! Her birthday is today!
I finally reaped some Freecycle rewards. I put out an APB on yarn and had one reply that came in maybe January. Finally about 2 weeks ago I was able to pick up the yarn. Nothing too "yarngasmic" (to steal Deneen's word). There was a beautiful afghan that lacks 4 rows from being complete, lots of baby yarns, a completed baby afghan (very nice), baby dresses, and a couple pattern books. The yarn is all acrylic and smells like it came from a spunky old lady's house in Florida. Don't ask me how I came up with that description. Anyhoo, I think I can find a use for it all, and I'm sure a good washing will do the trick.
I got another RAOK from the fiber RAOK ring. It was a funny little ecard from the proud owner of this blog. Thanks Gina!
Guess that's all for now. Have a good'ern!!
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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Someone In Michigan Is Thinking Of Me!!

I received a card yesterday that said "Someone in Michigan is thinking of you!" I thought...but I don't know anyone in Michigan! Turns out I've been RAOK'd!! Lisa Y. from the fiber RAOK ring sent me a card. Thank you so much, I really needed a day brightener!!
I'm still not finished with my Mom's Mother's Day doily (I know, I'm horrible). Quick and easy my's a real beast!! I've only got 4 more rounds to go and I'm passed all the horrible ass-kicking parts. The other day I made zero progress because I kept having to frog parts of it. I wanted to throw it against the wall and burn it. But a sensible, calm, cool, and collected me fought against the urge and I'm back on track.
If your interested in what's been going on here lately visit my other blog who's button is conveniently located below this long sentence!
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Friday, May 06, 2005

My Mother's Day Gift Offerings

Geof is back to his normal self. It took him about 4 days to get back to 100% but I guess that's to be expected. Thank you for all the well wishes and support it was so very appreciated!

You may, or may not, have noticed that I have yet another button for my blog over there on the right ----->
It was made by the infamous yarntomato herself, Donna. She used the sketch I had mentioned here and tweeked it a bit and this is the final result...
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Pretty cute isn't it?! Thanks again, Donna. YOU ROCK!!

On the crochet front. I had mentioned in a previous post that I was thinking of biting the bullet and trying my hand at some doilies. Well, I did it and I loved it!! I used a pattern from this book:

The doily I made is the one pictured on the cover...and here she is...drum roll, please:
It's actually not a picture. I don't have a digital camera so I just scanned it into my parents' computer and used purple construction paper behind it so it would show up better. I'm going to give it to my grandmother for Mother's Day. I plan on mounting it onto a dark background and framing it. I am very pleased with how it turned out. The directions were very easy to follow. It hasn't been washed and blocked yet but I just had to toot my own horn here!!
I've started on a different one from the same booklet. Here is how it is pictured in the book:
I'm doing it in a sage green color. It's working up very fast and should be finished by tomorrow...hopefully. It will my my Mother's Day gift for my Mom.
Not to sound like a saleswoman, but if anyone out there wants to try a doily I highly recommend this booklet. I got it at WalMart for less than $3. The pictures are great but more importantly the instructions are clear and easy to follow. This was my first time working with thread and definitely my first time making a doily and it was a pleasurable experience. Ok, I'm done. Thanks for looking!! Take care.
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