Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Shrone Has Spoken

A few days ago, Lori sent an email suggesting that I fill out an application to have my Shronedom officially recognized. I obliged and am proud to annouce that I've been accepted! Excuse me while I dance a little jig!! So, what makes you a Shrone? you may ask...well, here is an excerpt from the email sent by The Shrone herself.

Here are the reasons why you are a Shrone:
1. You've crocheted a booby pillow. Only a Shrone would do that!
2. You live in the South (which I envy!)
3. You think some days you can change the world: this is the seed of a Shrone's latent desire for Total World Domination ala Baby Stewie.
4. You really dig thunderstorms. (Shrones find them "electrifying")
5. Something about you says when you get old and withered, you just might go out crusing for penis!
6. You are unknowable.
7. You love when the mail arrives.
8. You believe stuffed animals and dolls are alive. They are because The Velveteen Rabbit made it so. 9. You're one groovy chick and I think you are super cool!
10. You haven't killed your inner child and you freely allow it out to play.

I even have the button to show for it!

Well, Nathaniel and I leave out tomorrow afternoon on our trek across the country. Actually we've only got about 3 days, so I doubt we'll get too far. For those not in the know, I'm going with him on the road (he's a trucker). To say that I am excited would be an understatement. We dropped Geof off with my folks today. I love the kid to death, but I'm enjoying this weird feeling of not being on edge 24-7. I'm kind of missing him right now though, and to show what a softy I am, I'm thinking about sleeping in his bed tonight.

I most likely won't be posting again until after the holidays, so here's wishing you all Merry Christmahannukwanzaaka. Be generous with your I love you's, spread some good will, hug your babies tight, and I will see you all on the flip side. Good night.

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Blizzards & Other Stuff

Just as I was about to post I saw that Richard Pryor died today. So sad...

...In happier news there's a blizzard at my house! No, not the real kind, just a ton of crocheted snowflakes. I've been bitten by the bug so bad and now I'm obsessed! I have 17 finished and I only needed to do 15. I'll give some as gifts, and some can live on my Christmas tree. I had an idea to sting some up side-by-side on fishing line and then attaching suction cups on either end and putting it in the back window of my car. Maybe next year.

Geof and I went to the dreaded WalMart today. I wanted to get a book of snowflake patterns but they didn't have any so I bought some more thread and some Stiffen Stuff, and some yarn to make a hooded scarf for my Grandmother for Christmas. Now here's the exciting me, anyway...on December 21-24 I will be joining Nathaniel out on the road!! I'm so excitied I could pee myself...but I won't so don't send any Poise pads please. I figured the snowflakes and the scarf would be good take-along projects. But I'm sure the scarf will be complete before then. Nathaniel and I both really need the time together. I'm interested to see first-hand all the bullshit he has to put up with. As a couple we've had a few rough patches and I'm really looking forward to the reconnect....and the sex...did I just say that?! Ha ha ha!!!

Last, but most definintely not least, I was Raok'd via my Christmas Wishlist at Crochetville yesterday. I got 4 skeins of Patons Cotton Top in a beautiful turquoise/aqua color. This yarn is soooo soft I can't help but feel it up every now and then. I tried to link the name but I can't find it on the internet so I'm guessing it isn't made any longer...which is a shame. Now I'm really going to have to think of something special to make with it.

Several months ago Deneen sent Geof a bunch of kid's books and a surprise cone of burgandy chenille yarn. I've been petting it for months now and just recently decided on a project using it. Dot of Crochet bythehook and Crochetville fame recently posted one of her fabulous designs and I've fallen hard for it. It's called "Elegant Lace Stole" and it's beautiful. But, then today over at Crochetville this scarf was posted. Now, I'm torn between the two so I've decided to come to you for help. Below is a nifty poll that will expire one week from today. Happy voting!!

{Sorry, I'm having html problems...the poll should be up soon...maybe}

Ok, blogger won't let me put the poll in my post so it's over there ---------> in the sidebar

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Have You Ever Tried To De-Light A Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree?

.....then you know how much it absolutely SUCKS! I sent out an APB for an artificial Christmas tree through the Freecycle network and got a hit. I met the woman at the local grocery store and hauled home a beautiful fake tree. The day before, Nathaniel and I decided to take Geof way out into the woods to get a real tree. Actually we went way out in the boonies and tree hunted from the car. We found the perfect little Charlie Brown tree, chopped it down, stuffed it in the trunk, and put it in a big three legged cast iron pot when we got home. I do believe that this is my most favorite Christmas tree ever. I wish I could post a picture of it. It's very rustic and primitive looking. It's fairly small so I only decorated it with lights and our hand-me-down ornaments. It's perfect. I think I really like it because of what it represents...Love & Family. Yeah, I know that sounds corny but it really means a lot to me considering the few rough patches we've had as of late. It was a really great weekend.

So why am I blogging about this on here instead of my other blog? I'm getting there, hold your horses! I had decided that I wanted a fake tree this fuss, no mess. Then Nathaniel came up with the idea for the tree we ended up getting. This was after I had already been on the lookout via Freecycle for a fake one. Well, yesterday I hauled it out of the trunk and set it up and it was freaking huge. I'm guessing 6' tall, but it was really big around. I had planned on maybe putting it up in Geof's room, but there was no way it would fit in there. First plan of action was to take all the lights off the tree. Ugh! Like the title of this post suggests, it was a prelit tree. That means that every 2.5 -3 inches the lights are clipped to every single little branch with a clip shaped like this...
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...ok, so they didn't have evil eyes or big sharp teeth, but you get the idea. They weren't designed to be taken off too easily. So, skip ahead about 2.5 hours later and all the lights were off the tree. By then I was tired of looking at that damn tree so I decided that it was not going in my house. I've been wanting some garland to go outside along the porch railing. So, I began to de-branch the pre-branched tree. That went very smoothly, surprisingly. Then I tied all the branches together with wire, hung it up, put lights on it, and viola the Christmas Fairy puked all over my house and I was finally at peace. I was even able to wire the top of the fake tree to the stand at the bottom and now I have a miniature tree on the porch. Sometimes, my genius amazes me...Ha!!! And so that is why I blogged about all that here...on my crafty blog......hey, I do have a crafting life outside of crochet.

Other Christmas craftiness. I've been on a Christmas-Crafting-With-The-Kid lately and here are a few things we're planning to do leading up to Christmas...
Santa Calendar
Dough Ornaments
Reindeer Ornament
I've also been crocheting some snowflakes for my wreath outside. I'm addicted too!! They're quick and the patterns I've found online have been easy to follow. 2 snowflakes down and only 12 to go!! That's all for now...take care and happy holiday crafting!!

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