Monday, January 31, 2005

Holy Pillowghans Batman!!!

Ok, so I've been going about my life like usual, but today was I saw the light!! Yes, dear reader, I have discovered PILLOWGHANS!!!! I've heard of them before but never thought to investigate. This was the beacon of enlightenment that I followed!!
Go ahead, click on know you want to!! Ok...for those of you who didn't click, I'll tell you what a pillowghan is. A pillowghan is an afghan that can be folded until it "disappears" into a pillow. I'm thinking of adding a pouch to the one I foresee myself creating so that it is tucked away and makes a real pillow. I feel so free!! Geez, I'm a dork! At any rate, I think this is such an ingenious idea and I cannot wait to start on a few.
In other awesome crochet news... I recently posted to my local Freecycle group that I was searching for's my post as it appears on the message board...
" Do you have an old stash of yarn that is just in the way/weird colors/out-of-control? Is your grandmother drowning in a sea of yarn? Well then, I'm your girl! I am in search of yarn...any size, color,or amount. Thank you for taking the time to read this...hope to hear from you soon!!!"
I thought it was fairly catchy and cute. And guess what...IT WORKED!!!! I received a lovely email from a fellow crocheter who has put down the hook to focus on a candle making business. She said that she had patterns, yarns, etc. all taking up precious space!! I told her that I would be happy to give any unwanted items a good home. We're supposed to set up a time this week for the handing over of the goodies. I am in crocheters heaven!!!
What else might make this day totally kick ass?! Today is my son's 2nd birthday!! I LOVE birthday's and I love spoiling my son...well, at least one day out of the year!! He is a real sweetheart and I am totally in love with him!! I mean who wouldn't be...look at those eyes!!

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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Back In The Saddle Again

So, my crocheting has slowed a bit since Christmas. I'm sure I am not alone. I'm starting to miss it so I figure it's time to get back in the saddle again. Today I started on a ripple afghan. I like it pretty well but it's eating more yarn than I'd like for it to. I'm going to frog it and go with a pattern that looks really nice in my head and shouldn't eat up too much yarn. It's cheap-o yarn (gasp!) but that's all my budget will allow. We've got to eat, too...not just have pretty afghans to look at! HA!! Oh if I had a million dollars... ...I'd probably still think that the grass was greener on the other side!! Besides, it's nice to treat myself. Of course, I haven't been crocheting very long at all and I just recently discovered that there were different "classes" of yarns out there. I always thought that yarn was yarn. Then I went to AC Moore and saw that there are yarns out there that cost more than $20!!! Yes, I saw the light that day. Whoa, now I'm drooling...I am truely a yarn addict!


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Back To Normal

Ahhhh, it's nice to not feel like I must tote a garbage pail around with me. I was extremely nauseated yesterday. Now I get to clean house and if I have any spare time, crochet my heart out. Ever since I finished the snowflake afghan for my Grandmother, I haven't been crocheting nearly as much. I've been taking somewhat of a sabbatical. My brain is still very busy thinking up new ideas and what not. I've written several down, but I haven't put hook to yarn yet. I think I may do some today I said earlier it just depends on how much free time I get today. Well, my favorite program is on, after that it's time to feed the kid, put the kid down for a nap, shower, and clean. Farewell until next time!!

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hardy Har Har!!!

This is too freakin funny...because I LOVE The Darkness!!!

I Believe In a Thing Called Love by The Darkness

"I wanna kiss you every minute, every hour, every day
You got me in a spin but everythin' is A.OK!"

You played it cheesy and campy in 2004, but you know how to rock out.


sweaters peas and nostrils

So I've been taking apart a sweater that I purchased from Express several years ago. It's very bulky and makes me look pregnant. In fact, I was very pregnant when I bought it. Anyhoo, I like the yarn, so I'm recycling very cool of me, no? It's a slow process, but hopefully it will be worth it. I think I may crochet myself a poncho. Or not. I'm not sure. If I had a digital camera I'd post a pic, but I don't, so I can't, therefore I won't.
I realize that this next piece of news has nothing to do with crochet, however, this is my blog!! Today I became the proud owner of a classic "Things Little Boys Do" story. You see, lately my son has discovered his nose and the holes in his nose and he's become quite fascinated with it all. This afternoon at lunch he figured out that fingers are not the only things that fit nicely in those holes. My son stuffed a pea into his nostril!!!! We aren't sure if there was only one, either. He hasn't had any difficulty breathing so we haven't taken him to the doctor or anything like that. I always knew growing up that any kid of mine would probably be the kind that did weird stuff like that. Not that I ever did....but I knew that's how karma would work. At least there's never a dull moment around here!!

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Latest Crochet Update

Lately I've been working on a bowl made from CDs. My mother has been saving the free CDs from AOL for me. I just wish I had a digital camera to post pictures here. My birthday is coming up soon...maybe I'll get one then? Anyhoo, here's the pattern that I am using for the bowl. Actually, I'm not following the pattern at all, but that is where I found my inspiration. My bowl is all in green with a simple DC stitch. After all of the CDs are covered I'm going to make Daisy's almost the same size as the CDs. In my head it looks really pretty, but in real life it may be tacky. Oh well, I don't care!

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Friday, January 21, 2005

Pardon My Dust

Like the sign says...this blog is under construction....please pardon my dust!!


Sunday, January 16, 2005

Completed Projects For 2004

This is a list just for my own benefit....I guess that's all the blog is anyway...oh well.

In no particular order...

  • baby blanket for Mandy (original pattern)
  • hat & scarf set for Suzanne (original pattern)
  • hat & scarf set for Allyson (original pattern)
  • hat & scarf set for Emily (original pattern)
  • hat & scarf set for Katie (original pattern)
  • hat for Nathaniel (original pattern & published one which I've lost the link for)
  • scarf for Morgan (original pattern)
  • tote bag for Melanie (original pattern and published one)
  • tote bag for Rachel made from plastic bags (published pattern)
  • hat & stump warmers for Dad (original patterns)
  • slippers for Mom (original pattern)
  • hat for Geof (published pattern)
  • hat & scarf (original pattern)
  • hat (original pattern)
  • hat (original pattern)
  • snowflake afghan for Grandma (published pattern)
  • scarf for me
  • hook case for me

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