Sunday, January 16, 2005

Completed Projects For 2004

This is a list just for my own benefit....I guess that's all the blog is anyway...oh well.

In no particular order...

  • baby blanket for Mandy (original pattern)
  • hat & scarf set for Suzanne (original pattern)
  • hat & scarf set for Allyson (original pattern)
  • hat & scarf set for Emily (original pattern)
  • hat & scarf set for Katie (original pattern)
  • hat for Nathaniel (original pattern & published one which I've lost the link for)
  • scarf for Morgan (original pattern)
  • tote bag for Melanie (original pattern and published one)
  • tote bag for Rachel made from plastic bags (published pattern)
  • hat & stump warmers for Dad (original patterns)
  • slippers for Mom (original pattern)
  • hat for Geof (published pattern)
  • hat & scarf (original pattern)
  • hat (original pattern)
  • hat (original pattern)
  • snowflake afghan for Grandma (published pattern)
  • scarf for me
  • hook case for me

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