Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I Can't Think Of A Good Title

Geof's sweater is finally complete...again. And, it's perfect!! Now if the weather would just cooperate and get cold again! In the time since I last posted I've also completed 2 hats for the kid. One he refuses to wear and the other he refuses to take off. The one he hates looks almost like a roman helmet...

...but it's actually made like a regular hat with earflaps. It also has a pompom...just one, not a line of them down the center. Although, that would make for quite an interesting hat, wouldn't it? I'm so going to make a mohawk hat! HA!! The other hat that Geof refuses to remove from his head is a regular beanie/skully type hat. It was made from leftover camo yarn I had used to make a hat for my Dad last year. Geof is a total "Pop's Boy" (he calls my Dad, Pop). So anything that remotely resembles anything of my Dad's Geof will love.

My latest projects are: a Santa Hat for Geof, & taking apart an unfinished afghan that was Freecycled to me (I'm going use a different pattern and make another afghan). I still haven't started on Christmas gifts. I want to make a nice hooded scarf for my grandmother out of some either white or creamy colored Homespun. Nathaniel wants to me to make an afghan for his mother for Christmas. I guess he thinks I can pull the things out of my ass! I wish yarn grew on trees and I had a whole forest of them!! I'm really starting to regret selling that garbage bag of yarn at my last yard sale. Live and learn, right?

Shout out to Deneen. I hope you get to feeling like your self really soon. I've been thinking about you all weekend. Take care

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Friday, November 11, 2005

So You Think YOU'RE Anal?

I finally finished the sweater I had been working on for Geof the other night. It looked really great lying on the floor. When I put it on Geof, however, I didn't like it at all. The neck shaping was off, and the arms made the sweater look like it was made for a gorilla (they were too long in proportion to the body). So what did I do? Did I decide to leave well enough alone? Of course not!! I took the whole thing apart! Now it is back to it's original 4 separate pieces. I'm going to frog the sleeves and make them shorter and add some decreases around the neck so that it's not too big. I think it would have been fine if I had left it as-is, but it wasn't perfect and I knew it would have driven me batty. Oh well. I was really looking forward to being finished with the sweater so that I could move on to something else. The sweater is done in one color, and my eyes get bored with that.

My next project shouldn't take long. All the work has been done for me already!! Over on Crochetville, Mrs. Hooker offered up 58 6" granny squares. SCORE!! I put my name in the pot and they arrived on my doorstep last week. Here's the pic she had posted...

They will become a nice little blanket for Geof. Aren't they pretty? I'm going study the squares and write down the pattern 'cause I think it's purdyful. Thanks again, Amy, you rock! Check out her blog, she's a riot!

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