Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I Can't Think Of A Good Title

Geof's sweater is finally complete...again. And, it's perfect!! Now if the weather would just cooperate and get cold again! In the time since I last posted I've also completed 2 hats for the kid. One he refuses to wear and the other he refuses to take off. The one he hates looks almost like a roman helmet...

...but it's actually made like a regular hat with earflaps. It also has a pompom...just one, not a line of them down the center. Although, that would make for quite an interesting hat, wouldn't it? I'm so going to make a mohawk hat! HA!! The other hat that Geof refuses to remove from his head is a regular beanie/skully type hat. It was made from leftover camo yarn I had used to make a hat for my Dad last year. Geof is a total "Pop's Boy" (he calls my Dad, Pop). So anything that remotely resembles anything of my Dad's Geof will love.

My latest projects are: a Santa Hat for Geof, & taking apart an unfinished afghan that was Freecycled to me (I'm going use a different pattern and make another afghan). I still haven't started on Christmas gifts. I want to make a nice hooded scarf for my grandmother out of some either white or creamy colored Homespun. Nathaniel wants to me to make an afghan for his mother for Christmas. I guess he thinks I can pull the things out of my ass! I wish yarn grew on trees and I had a whole forest of them!! I'm really starting to regret selling that garbage bag of yarn at my last yard sale. Live and learn, right?

Shout out to Deneen. I hope you get to feeling like your self really soon. I've been thinking about you all weekend. Take care

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Blogger Dyesalot said...

:) We're nearly neighbors. We live up near the Catalooche entrance to the Smokies - our address is Waynesville but our phone number is Maggie Valley.

Nice to meetcha!

12/05/2005 5:33 PM  

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