Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dusting Off The Cobwebs

I suppose I should take advantage of the time that a three day weekend allows and pop in to say hello and that I am alive and well AND I've been crocheting and cheater-knitting (knitting with one of those knifty knitter looms). I currently have an afghan going and a scarf that I mostly work on in the mornings when I'm waiting for the work day to start so progress is slow but steady. I've had my looms for a couple years now and just recently picked them up to try my hand at knitting with them. I really like it and now that I know what I'm doing they're really easy. The instructions that came with the set leave a lot to be desired but there are booklets out there that are inexpensive plus loads of information online that help a lot.

...Imagine a lovely set of pictures here. I just had a nice photo shoot with my knifty knitter creations and then my camera's batteries died when I tried to upload them...

In crochet news I finally finished the afghan I started in December 2008 that was meant as a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law...just in time for Christmas 2009. I'm terrible, I know, life and laziness just got in the way. I have issues with crocheters block when working on large projects. Excuses, excuses. I used the round ripple pattern found HERE. I picked the pattern because it had fewer holes in the center than other round ripple patterns I'd seen. It worked up quickly (when I put my ass in gear to work on it) and the instructions were easy to follow. I used Lion Brand Suede that I got for a dollar a skein at a local dollar store and a J hook. I never took any measurements, but it's definitely big enough to cover up with and keep warm. My mother-in-law was very pleased and so was I!

I'm hoping to start a small crochet project today as soon as I figure out what pattern I want to tackle. Ravelry has my mind spinning at the moment! Tomorrow, we tie-dye! Nathaniel has some old jeans he wants me to make as wacky and weird as I can and Geof and I have a few shirts to dye as well. That should be fun!

I'm off to catch up on my blog reading...see you all around the web!

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