Friday, May 25, 2007

uh...I got nothin'

Seafoam Vest is in progress but because of a brain fart it's going slowly. Gah! I'm hoping to have it completed by Sunday. We're leaving out Monday morning for Chicago and I'd really like to be able to wear it on our trip. I'm hopeful at least.

Speaking of Chicago, I did some research a while back on yarn shops in the city. There was only one that I really wanted to visit and as it turns out is located just 2 blocks from our hotel! It was fate, I tell ya! Loopy Yarns, here I come!!

Friday, May 11, 2007


I have the yarn and the pattern for the Seafoam Vest, now I'm lacking motivation and energy. Figures. I've been so frazzled and shaken from the whole health scare with my Mom that I can't concentrate on anything besides family. I know I need a mental break, maybe I should just jump in. I'm sure the rhythm of things will get me motivated. This weather isn't helping either, it's beautiful and I just want to be outside. My yard and garden are cleaner than my house!

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