Thursday, October 27, 2005

Free Is Cool

After following this link to receive free yarn and allowing 4-6 weeks for delievery, my postman brought a skein of this stuff... this color it's called "Aqua Velvet". I like it pretty well. I crocheted a swatch holding the disco yarn with some cheapo worsted weight acrylic. What a total pain in the ass!! No wonder they're giving it away. I like looking at it and petting it but have no idea what I want to make with it.

My progress has become snail-paced on Geof's sweater. The pattern is from the February 2005 issue of Crochet World. The instructions for the sleeves was written way more difficult than necessary so I'm improvising. In fact I'm basically improvising the whole thing and just using the pattern as a guide. I've completed the front, back, and 1 1/4 sleeves. I hope to finish it this weekend. We'll see.

While we're on the subject of sweater patterns in Crochet World, I was just looking at the latest issue online for October 2005. I would really like to get my hands on a copy of it. I don't have a subscription to the magazing because the majority of patterns inside are not to my liking, to put it nicely. However this issue looks really good. Here are a few pics I found...

I think both look like they'd be fun to make. I really like the table runner. Guess I'll have to hit up the folks at Crochetville and see if someone has a copy they'd be willing to part with.

Guess that's all for now. Geof and I are heading down to visit my folks for about a week. We're leaving tomorrow so this may be the last post for a little while. Hope everyone has a hauntingly awesome Halloween!!

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hooray For Crochet!!

It's amazing how much I can accomplish when I don't have the distraction of the internet!! Here's a list of what I've been working on since my computer died...
  • a black stuffed Halloween cat (complete)
  • huge tote bag (lacks liner and zipper)
  • hat for Geof (complete)
  • plastic bag holder for Nathaniel (complete)
  • conqered the baby blanket from hell (complete)
  • sweater for Geof (almost complete)

Aren't you just so proud of me?! I'm glad to finally have the drive to crochet back. Ever since I finished making that snowflake afghan for my grandmother for Christmas 2004 I've not had much desire to crochet. I guess you could say that I'm a born again hooker now!!

The last time we visited my parents I was able to scan some pictures that I'd promised to post a while ago....enjoy!

all pictures are clickable

my Grandmother with the afghan that took away my will to crochet....but it was so worth it!

the boobie pillow I made for Nathaniel

Geof wearing one of the "boo boos" as a hat

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