Wednesday, March 07, 2007

And Then There Was A GIRL!!

After making several baby blankets for tiny bundles of baby BOY joy, I am faced with the task of making one for a little girl. I spoke too soon when I said that there weren't any more unborn or recently born babies for whom to make afghans. I received a nice birthday call from a long-time friend of mine today. The last time we spoke was on this day last year when she called with a birthday wish. She said then that she and her husband were trying to have a child but nothing was happening. She drifted in and out of my thoughts throughout the year then a few weeks ago she popped into my mind out of the blue and I just knew that she had become a mother. Sure enough, I found out today that her little girl is 3 weeks old! I'm either psychic or psycho...or both! Ha!

So now my dilemma: I'm so used to working with boyish colors that I can't for the life of me decide on nice colors for a girlish afghan. I stood in WalMart...which does nothing for the creative juices anyway...for over an hour trying to find the perfect trio of colors. What did I buy? Nada! I'm not a huge lover of pink...which is odd since it's in the color scheme for this I know I won't be making an afghan entirely in pink. What are some other good choices/color suggestions? I was thinking of a Strawberry Shortcake-esque color scheme with cream, green, and not so pukey pink. I've decided that I'll use the same pattern as I did for the last blanket I made because it worked up fast and I was pleased with how it turned out. Any yarn suggestions out there, while I'm thinking about it? I was going to go for the Caron SS again, but the more feminine color choices made me want to barf. I could use a good shove to get me going here. What colors are popular for young girls now? What kinds of color trends are happening in nursery design today? Am I really that far removed from the whole baby scene to be completely out of the loop?! ACK!!!!


Anonymous shula said...

Have you considered naturals?

4/20/2007 8:44 PM  

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