Friday, April 11, 2008

An ode to Earth Guild

The in-laws have been in town since Tuesday evening and left out this morning. My mother-in-law is a crafty person and wanted to check out some floor looms in Asheville yesterday so we stopped in at Earth Guild. I fell in love with this store back in high school. They have supplies for everything from tie dying to pottery to basket making. They also have a nice variety of fibers for spinning...and spinning wheels and yarn and hooks and needles and books. You get the idea. I love this shop! What makes it really great is the staff of super friendly folks who know their shit. If you're ever in Asheville you should check it out and gimme a holler and we'll have a grand ol' time. I petted a lot of different yarns and ended up buying a spool of rug warp to make a mesh bag. The pattern was a freebie at the shop and I started on it this afternoon and things are going swell. I've never worked with rug warp before but that's what the pattern suggested to use, it's basically like size 3 crochet thread, and it came in a whole rainbow of colors. I'll post pictures soon just to prove that I still know how to work a hook!


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