Friday, November 30, 2007

Crochet in zero gravity

I'm not sure about other fiber workers out there but I know when I'm crocheting my body tends to tense up. Everything from my arms, back, shoulders, even jaw get tired after a marathon crochet session. It's odd because I feel relaxed while I'm working but my muscles feel tight and sore when I'm done. The solution hit me like a ton of bricks while looking for a massaging chair pad for my Mom. There's a new chair out on the market called the HT 7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair from Human Touch. While this thing won't send you into orbit to experience zero gravity first-hand it will provide a way to escape the effects gravity, or intense fiber working sessions, has on our bodies.

I think I would be in paradise if I could sit in one of these babies and crochet, I doubt I'd get much done though. The price tag is a bit hard to swallow at $3999, but from the reviews I've read about other products from this company the consensus seems to be that the products are very well made. Which they should be considering the investment. They also offer ottomans and the massaging pads you can put in any chair. That might be the way to go. I did a search on their website for dealers and it looks like they're sold in Linens-N-Things, Rooms To Go, Haverty's, and other furniture and department stores. I may have to go check it out and start saving my pennies..and nickels..and dimes..and quarters!



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