Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hello Autumn

Geof has finally decided on a Halloween costume. For the longest time he said he wanted to be Lightning McQueen from the Cars movie. I looked into buying a costume, but found that the cheast one was almost $40! I decided then to just make one myself but had been dreading it. Yesterday Geof decided to be a "fearless Frankenstein" instead. Yes! That will be much easier to make. The wheels are already turning in my head!

That's about as much as I've done creatively the past few weeks. Nathaniel is off the road now and working out of Charlotte as a trainer. He's home every weekend but with just the one car there's been a lot of travel back and forth. We've had the new car for about 2 months now and have already put 3,000+ miles on it. All that driving has put a serious dent in my crafting time. In between I've also been on the job hunt and that is going a lot slower than I expected. The tomato crop has been pretty slack this year so I haven't even been able to can anything. So any kitchen crafting has been nonexistent as well. Hopefully with the holidays coming up I'll have more to share. This is my favorite time of year and my creative juices start to flow with the coming of the cool Autumn air. Stay tuned...


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