Friday, September 07, 2007

Smoking My Inspiration

Anyone know when the next Crochet Me is coming out? They still have the Spring issue up and it's almost Autumn! I'm ready for some new patterns and inspiration!

Speaking of such things, if you go over to Interweave Crochet you can get a free trial issue of the Fall 2007 magazine. I'm one of the unfortunate ones who can't find it locally and have purchased mine online at over $12 a pop! The subscription price is $21.95 for 4 issues. I signed up the other day, I'm not sure if I'll continue the subscription or not I'll make up my mind after I get my hot little hands on the Fall issue.

I just realized that I may be completely out of the loop here. I haven't been as diligent in my crochet blog reading as I have been in the past. Forgive me for passing along old news!

ps...985,652,364 cool points for whomever can name the song or band the title of this post came from

hint: I was in 8th grade the DAY it came out.


Blogger Deneen said...

1990 is my guess and I don't need the points either-I swear you were born the year I graduated HS.

I have the latest Interweave and like the patterns, but don't know if I'll any of em-don't have a big fitted project in my head right now.

Crochet Me-they are in the process of going to a message board forum, still have the patterns, but having it run like a message board where you can see any pattern that's been posted before, as well as allowing people to post patterns up-any member. It's not set up yet, still in some sort of beta stage I suppose and with Kim working as the editor for Interweave Crochet, I'm sure she's busy and won't have stuff set up til October or November-of course I'm just guessing here.

9/08/2007 8:16 AM  
Blogger Hookaholic said...

Got it!!!
Longview by Green Day!!!
From the Album called DOOKIE!!!!!!!!!!

9/10/2007 11:02 PM  

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