Wednesday, July 18, 2007


So I want to make curtains for my bathroom now. What is it with this latest curtain-making obsession? Anyhoo, I started sewing using some fabric I had on hand, but ended up not really liking them all that well. I originally had planned on crocheting curtains for my kitchen and bathroom but could never find a great pattern. That is until I opened my email inbox the other morning and found this beauty...
The sad part is that it is knitted and my knitting skills aren't quite ready to tackle something like that just yet. I'm still in the dish cloth phase! Anyone interested can download the pattern from Knit Picks.

I was looking for some patterns this afternoon for some decorative crochet edgings. I want to put some along the edge of the shelves in my hutch that's in the kitchen. I moved the top part back into the house today. It was in the shed for a while...well, since the last time I was in full on "nesting mode"...I told you I had a problem! At any rate, this is the only set of patterns that I liked, particularly the one pictured on the top in yellow. Perhaps the pattern could be modified to create the same look as the knitted curtain? The real question is if I have the patience to do that. We'll see but I'm not going to hold my breath!


Blogger Jen said...

Ooh, that is a pretty curtain pattern! There's also a nice one in "Mason-Dixon Knitting" that looks like it wouldn't be terribly difficult, even for a newer knitter.

I like those shelf edgings, too! I may have to look into those patterns.

Thanks for commenting on my blog today! :-D

7/25/2007 2:05 AM  

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