Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hello & Goodbye

Chicago was fantastic and so was the yarn store. I didn't buy anything because I had the boys (husband & son) in tow and neither really wanted to be there. That's fine, I couldn't decide what to buy anyway. But if you're ever in the area do check it out, it was a really great store.

Right now my baby is 466.9 miles away from me. Leaving was going way too well, and as soon as Nathaniel and I got out to the car, poised to open our doors Geof's face began to scrunch up and turn red. At that point is when the water works began. I ran back to console him and assure him that we would be back and then we left. I held it together until we were in the car and around the corner. I could have cried a lot more but I know that he's in great care and is going to have one hell of a summer with his grandparents. I called him last night and again things were going well for a bit until his voice began to crack. I assured him again and told him to snuggle with his grandma because she was not only a mommy but a grandma too and she could give all kinds of good hugs. That worked for like 2 seconds. Then he asked that I come in to give him a hug and kiss when I got in that night. I had to tell him that it was going to be a few weeks before we would be up there again. I finally got my mother-in-law back on the phone an told her that I would hang up and quit stirring up the fire.

Today my guts are in knots and I'm wondering if I've done the right thing....all the while knowing that I did, but still I am a concerned mother here! I'm sure he'll settle into the new surroundings in a few days, I guess I just hate the fact that I can't be there to help him adjust. Grrrr.

Nathaniel and I are leaving out tonight to travel the country in his big rig. I'm pretty excited about it. He's requested a load out west towards Washington and Oregon. As of a few days ago things weren't very promising so our next choice was Maine followed by the Dakotas. So, there's no telling where we'll be the next couple of weeks but I'm sure I'll be telling all about it!

Hope everyone has a great summer. Take care!! glad to hear you're feeling better, I thought about you a lot while we were away....especially when I was in the yarn store! Take care and I can't wait to catching up with the goings on in your world once I return!


Blogger Deneen said...

Amanda-as a mama, we will always have some guilt. He's in good hands, your mom and dad adore him. It's tough because you and he are always together (much like Elena and I were before she started school)-you and Nathanial have been apart for long time periods and need this time for yourselves-the guilt will always be there, but try and push it back.

I'm good-thanks for thinking of me. I have the same yarn store problem (although Mike and Elena are better about it now). I tend to buy stupid, unthought out purchases because I get frenzied from lack of real yarn stores. Online is always best for me-I can think it through.

6/03/2007 10:37 AM  
Blogger Lucy said...

Have a great trip!!!! ENJOY!!!

6/14/2007 11:09 AM  

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