Saturday, November 04, 2006

All I want for Christmas is Archie McPhee!

Many thanks to The Shrone for sharing this one! Apparently Archie McPhee is holding a contest where all you have to do is post your wish list, submit it, and you'll be entered to win up to $200 worth of stuff from said list! This is so exciting I cannot put it into words. Seriously. And so, without further ado and in no particular is my Archie McPhee wish list!
  1. Bacon Gift Wrap -I love bacon
  2. Deluxe Librarian Action Figure -a gift for my librarian friend
  3. Pink Elephant Flask -who doesn't love a pink elephant?!
  4. Classic Nose & Mustache Disguise -because it's a classic!
  5. St. Anne Patron Saint of Lost Objects -I'm always losing something
  6. Holy Toast -I could take communion any time I wanted!
  7. Last Supper Lunchbox -'cause everybody needs one!
  8. Scary Python -for my next plane ride
  9. Tiki Mugs -I collect faces/masks
  10. Tiki Mask -again...I collect faces/masks
  11. Donkey Cigarette Dispenser -it poops cigarettes for crying out loud!
  12. Wiggly Hula Girl -I've always wanted one
  13. Hula Oil Painting -it's so purdy
  14. Wiggly Hula Boy -why not?
  15. Small Granite Hand Chair -conversation piece
  16. Bacon Wallet -it's the only bacon I bring home



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