Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Knitting FO From A Few Months Ago

Remember waaaaay back when I was interested in knitting, and I mentioned that I had finished a knitted...thing? No? Ok, here's the link. I've been trying all day to wait patiently for the UPS man so my FO and I had a little photo shoot. Now remember, this is the very first thing I've ever mistake...that's why I might be just a little bit proud of it.

Here she is from the front...


and the back...


close-up of the front...


close-up of the mistake...


and a gratuitous shot of Geof and what he thinks the FO should be used for...


Ha! Yeah, I'm bored so sue me! I ordered this book from Amazon and it's supposed to be here today (hence the waiting for the UPS man...that and he's pretty cute, too). I'm looking forward to having it in my hot little hands. It's canning season and we like giving our canned things away to family and neighbors and I think the jar doilies would add a nice touch. That and I have way too much time on my hands sometimes. With this heat Geof and I spend the majority of the day inside, and these doilies are the perfect thing to occupy my hands.

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