Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Where to begin? While catching up with all my regular blog reads I ran across Deneen's latest entry, which lead me to Vera's, Bron's, and Sharon's. I couldn't help but let out a big ol' "what the fuck?!" Where did all this immature jealousy shit come from? Not that long ago all the bloggers I encountered were very kind, generous with information, giving with helpful comments etc. In fact, that's why I wanted to start blogging, because I wanted to be a part of a virtual community of like-minded people freely sharing their love of and experiences with crochet and knitting. Now it seems that everyone is tiptoeing on egg shells. Everything is taken in the complete opposite way it was meant. Will someone please tell me how it is inappropriate for someone to post pictures of a recent purchase, or gift on their own blog? Isn't that the whole purpose of craft blogs? To get new ideas, to peek into someone else's life, the sharing of information, continuing the legacy of a craft? I guess it's like everything else, even communism (gasp!), it's a great idea on paper but as soon as humanity enters into the equation everything goes to hell in a hand basket. I'm sure all these people who are crying foul are just as quick to share their latest findings. And what about that little "X" right up there in the top right corner? It's not that difficult to click, is it? Just because I may not agree with someone doesn't mean that I'm going to try and shut them up and deny them their right to freedom of speech. I just exercise my right not to listen to it!

UGH!!! I'm so worked up I can't even think straight. It's high school all over again. That's one of the most depressing things I've found about becoming a responsible adult....too many people do not mature past their high school years. Life is one big high school drama. Am I the only one that couldn't wait to put all that behind me?

I never expect after clicking the "Publish Post" button that 100% of the people who read my posts will agree with me. This is my place to express myself, and I've chosen to do so in a public format, for all the world to see. I do not apologize if my opinions differ from someone else's...that's life. I go about my business of blogging about my life as I see it. I don't come here to see just how many people I can piss off or irritate, that's not my goal at all. I just want to share my love of crochet and knitting...even though I can't knit to save my life! All I ask is that everyone out there, as a reader, respect the rights of the person who's blog you're reading. If your opinions differ, is it really worth all the drama in the end to trouble the waters? You're probably not going to change someone's mind. Just click the "X".

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Blogger Frayed Edge said...

I must say I agree with you. I usually get a couple of responses to my posts and not many more viewers. But I figure if people don't like what I post, they won't come back. Although it is a public forum, my blog is for me. Like a journal that I can view or add to at anytime. If others enjoy it, then great. If not, too damn bad. They can kiss my a** and click on the 'X'.
Show me the yarn!!

2/07/2006 4:48 PM  
Anonymous zib said...

Aha, found you. I can't believe there is an anti-yarnographist out there! A pox on them I say!!

2/09/2006 3:36 PM  
Blogger Mimi said...

I also totally agree with what you said in this post, Amanda. For me, I want to share everything in relation to what is going on with me crochetwise or anything crafty. If my viewer thinks I'm showing off, then its her/his problem. What else have I got to show or write about anyway, that was the main purpose of my blog...And if I get to read other's blogs showing the gifts they got, I am glad for them because I do believe the sharing goes around and some days I get to be the one to receive =)

2/12/2006 8:08 PM  

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